Friday, 1 April 2011

Motifs for furniture

As promised in my previous post, a look at the motifs agreed on by the group to be included into the furniture (including the hourglass on my bookcase design).We all felt that the usual symbols for death, such as skulls and skeletons, would be far too obvious. The point of a psychological thriller is subtlety, and these symbols are not exactly the epitome of subtlety. However, the group did discuss the use of a winged hourglass and the willow tree.
The winged hourglass is a symbol of time passing or flying, and the willow tree is
a symbol of weeping, grief and death. These are the websites I used to loo
k up the symbols and their meanings:

Below are some images of the actual objects, and the symbols being used on tombstones:

(The piece of furniture is a whatnot shelf made in 1875)

The illustration list:

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