Monday, 11 April 2011

The Man Without a Past - Film review

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It is a Finnish film about a man who is mugged and beaten, which causes him to forget who he is. He then has to build a new life, with the difficulty of not having a name, before eventually discovering who he is. It was released in 2002, which surprised me as I felt that it seemed rather dated.

I found the film quite difficult to follow. There was little dialogue which made it awkward to watch and I felt that not an awful lot actually happened! As for the awkwardness of little dialogue, I think this may have been a deliberate attempt to make the audience feel uncomfortable and maybe empathise with how difficult the character’s situation was.

The setting was pretty dismal, which showed the level of poverty, and conveyed the emotions of the main character well.

I’ve found it very difficult to review this film due to the lack of content, though this lack does contribute to the feeling of the film as it reflects the feelings of the character. Generally I found this film ineffective, difficult to watch and it didn’t really hold my attention, though I can see how some of the details add to the feeling of the film.

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