Sunday, 17 April 2011

Catch up on last week

The next few posts will be a catch up on our work last week.

Below are my concept drawings of how I imagine parts of the finished set to look:

This is the far corner of the study (Death room). It has the sofa on which Ivan dies and the screen which symbolises the way he sees death. The shadow and mould represents death reaching out for him, and is creeping across the room to get at him.

This is the opposite end of the study. The shadow does not reach this far as it is only looking for Ivan. You can see the light of the real world entering the room from the door which leads to the drawing room. The curtains are drawn so the only light is entering from the drawing room.

This is the drawing room. It is much brighter and is lit with natural light. It shows a stark contrast to the study.

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