Sunday, 27 March 2011

My autoCAD design

As a group we designed the rooms (shown below), their size and the position of the furniture.

We then divided up the different item of furniture between the group for each of us to design. I chose the bookcase. I first researched Russian and 19th century bookcases, and found that they were more like cabinets than the stereotypical image of a bookcase I had in mind. They also often had drawers at the bottom, and sometimes even included a writing desk.
For my design, I eliminated the writing desk, as the bookcase was to be put in the study and therefore a separate desk would also be included. I also made the drawers a more 'decorative' feature, as I wanted the bookcase to be fairly slim to reduce the amount of space it would take up (as a group we have been experiencing issues when trying to fit everything into the small space allowed for the set, so I tried to do all I could to help this situation).
My original sketch and my first autoCAD design (which I completed on Tuesday) are shown below, followed by the images I used to inspire the design. Tomorrow I will go through my design with the group for feedback and develop it further.
I also incorporated the winged hourglass motif, suggested by a group member, into the design. I will explain this further, with images, in another post.

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