Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lighting and knick knacks

For the presentation of our mood boards, Rhyan and myself were given the topic of lighting and knick knacks to research.

First of all I read through the book and round the following references which would help me in my research:

Chapter 3

‘the dishes and plates on the walls, and the bronzes’

‘antiques which gave a particularly aristocratic character to the whole place’

‘and dull and polished bronzes’

drawing-room with its Japanese plates on the walls’

Chapter 5

‘He jumped up and tried to light the candle, felt for it with trembling hands, dropped candle and candlestick on the floor, and fell back on his pillow’

Chapter 6

‘the bronze ornamentation of an album’

I used these quotes to find images of what I thought would be found in Ivan's house.

A 19th century photo album

Includes raised brass detail on the front, like the one
described in the book which scratches a table.

Both of these are 19th century Japanese 'patterned' plates. probably of a similar design to those which Ivan would have had on his wall. The first is


An 18th century French bronze figure of a faun. The book suggested that Ivan like antiques (as a few of the items I have included would have been at that time, including this one), it also said that there were bronzes which may have looked like these.


17th century Italian bronze figure.


19th century Capo Di Monte Vase and figurine



I also found a nice 19th century portrait which I felt would fit well with the decor (, however I couldn't upload the image without it being I'm afraid the link above will have to suffice...

I also felt that this French 19th century clock would not be out of place in Ivan's home...

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